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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Group policy on ethics seeks to guide the behaviour of our people by specifying 12 principles which establish common values through which we do business. We strive to ensure that we act in appropriate ways to maintain and enhance our reputation. The Group seeks to act with honesty and integrity in its dealings with customers, employees, shareholders, regulators, suppliers and our wider community.

Our Ethical Principles

  1. We will act truthfully
  2. We will act with integrity
  3. We will respect our customers
  4. We will treat individuals properly
  5. We compete fairly
  6. We will treat our suppliers properly
  7. We will manage relations with shareholders effectively
  8. We will maintain high standards of financial record keeping and reporting
  9. We will comply with the rules on inside information and share dealing
  10. We will maintain high standards of health and safety
  11. We will respect the environment
  12. We will seek to contribute to the community

Our Customers

Our customers are fundamental to our success. We focus on ensuring that they have a positive experience every time to increase the likelihood of repeat visits. We aim to deliver a broad range of films, in high quality venues with retail offerings to suit our customers’ tastes all of which contribute to achieving our vision.

We also have initiatives which aim to extend the relationship with the customer beyond a single visit. In the UK, and from the end of 2015 in Poland, we have our Unlimited subscription service which is a fixed monthly (or annual) subscription enabling customers to watch as many 2D films as they wish. We also have a number of other membership schemes across the UK and other territories which offer discounts and allow us to interact frequently with our customer base.

Event cinema screenings bring a wider range of content to our customers, enabling our audiences to see live shows taking place around the world. Operating in this way supports such productions, making them more commercially viable, accessible to more people and, in turn, brings more people to the cinema and, frequently, a different type of customer.

As many of our customers still associate going to the cinema as a treat or special occasion, they expect traditional cinema snacks as part of their experience. However, we offer a range of products to our customers, and we work closely with our partners to provide healthier alternatives where appropriate. We ensure that we provide good nutrition and allergen advice to enable our customers to make informed choices, with the latter now being available on our website. At our Picturehouse circuit, the food and drink proposition is more akin to that found in restaurants and closely tailored to the audience profile to which it caters. A wide range of snacks and meals are available, many of which include ingredients sourced from local producers and suppliers.

The Group actively promotes a philosophy of access for all by offering accessible cinemas for the handicapped that show a wide range of films and event cinema. Employees receive disability awareness training and specific advice on welcoming disabled customers. Many of our cinemas offer audio-descriptive, autism-friendly and subtitled performances, and in some territories, the Group allows customers with disabilities to be accompanied by a carer, free of charge. All new cinemas are designed to exceed current statutory requirements and to provide buildings which are technically advanced, accessible and safe. When cinemas undergo major refurbishment as part of an ongoing programme of improvements and renovations, the opportunity is taken to enhance access within cinemas where practicable to do so.

The Group actively encourages our future film-going audience by specifically tailoring film schedules to attract families and young people. Where necessary, these performances are dubbed into the native language to ensure that all customers can enjoy the full cinema experience. Concessionary rates are offered for senior citizens and students at certain times of the day. Throughout the Group, all national regulators’ film classification guidelines are followed, unless the local regulators require otherwise. In some of our territories, there are no classification guidelines, and in such cases we provide information to customers about films so they can make informed choices about the type of film being shown. We also ensure that all trailers are complementary in terms of suitability to the main feature.

Our Communities

Our work with charities, schools, and community groups across all our territories is very important to us. We are involved with a wide range of activities including working with distributors on charity screenings, providing free shows for organisations and working closely with local schools and organisations.

In 2016, for the first time, Cineworld partnered with the BBC’s Children In Need initiative, where as a team we raised over £400,000. Our Picturehouse cinemas work very closely with their charity of choice, Plan International UK, and host regular awareness-raising and fundraising activities in venues, including free preview screenings and interactive activities for audiences. In 2016, Picturehouse Cinemas also donated 10p from every bottle of water sold in their cinemas to Plan International UK.

For 2017, Picturehouse Cinemas have now changed bottled water supplier to Life Water. Life donated a significant amount of their proceeds to charity and the plastic bottles used by it are amongst the most environmentally-friendly in the market.

Our schools’ programme saw us working with a variety of partners to deliver a wide range of educational screenings for primary and secondary schools, including the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, London International Film Festival, World Book Day and the National Literacy Trust.

We worked with our distributors to create special schools promotions and programmes for films such as Macbeth, Suffragette and The Stanford Prison Experiment. We ran talks and screenings for Black History Month, Anti Bullying Week, Science and Engineering Week, Refugee Week, Roald Dahl’s Centenary, World Book Day and Holocaust Memorial Day.

Across the last academic year, our key achievements included:

  1. We held over 400 education screenings on weekday mornings with a total of over 32,000 students attending from 450 different schools across the UK.
  2. We showed 942 Saturday morning Kids’ Club screenings, with an audience of circa 55,000.
  3. We showed 1,246 weekday morning Toddler Time screenings, with an audience of circa 27,500.
  4. We held 224 Autism Friendly screenings with a total of circa 3,764 total admissions.
  5. Dementia Friendly Screenings - Picturehouse launched this strand at Hackney and Liverpool, with 11 screenings taking place and a total of 380 admissions.


We seek to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and to operate in an environmentally sensitive manner. The Directors acknowledge the impact that the business has on the environment and seek to mitigate it. Often changes which help to mitigate our environmental impact also reduce our operating costs.

Being a multisite business, the Group is conscious of its total energy consumption and amount of waste materials generated and is actively working on reducing both. Our cinema websites enable e-tickets to be purchased and used, avoiding the need to print tickets. In new and refurbished cinemas, poster cases are now digital reducing the need to deliver, install, and ultimately throw away large paper posters. All these efforts help to reduce our use of resources and carbon footprint.

Film Piracy

We work closely with industry bodies, including the Film Content Protection Agency (FCPA), to combat film piracy. During 2016 the Group were awarded a total of 22 awards out of a possible 32 awards from the FCPA, demonstrating our dedication to the UK’s theatrical protection programme.

Information accurate as at 9 March 2017