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1995 Cine-UK business set up by Steve Wiener and Senior Management Team backed by consortium of equity investors.
1996 Cine-UK’s first multiplex cinema opened in Stevenage under Cineworld brand.
1996 – 2004 Additional 34 multiplex cinemas opened under Cineworld brand.
Oct-04 Blackstone Group acquire Cine-UK from a consortium of private equity investors, with the management team retaining a significant proportion of their interests in the business.
Dec-04 Cineworld acquired UK operations of UGC comprising 42 cinemas and business merged with Cine-UK business under Cineworld brand.
Nov-05 8 screen multiplex cinema opened in Bury St Edmunds.
Mar-06 11 screen multiplex cinema opened in Cheltenham.
May-07 5 screen multiplex cinema opened in Didcot.
  Cineworld listed company on the London Stock Exchange.
Mar-08 12 screen multiplex cinema opened in High Wycombe.
Jul-08 Cineworld set up joint venture screen advertisement business, Digital Cinema Media Limited, with Odeon.
Oct-08 5 screen multiplex cinema opened in Haverhill.
Jan-09 Cineworld order 74 additional digital projectors doubling its digital estate – taking a lead in the market in digital and 3D cinemas.
Oct-09 10 screen cinema in Aberdeen and a 5 screen cinema in Witney, both with digital projection facilities in all auditoria, are opened.
Jun-10 Agreement signed with Arts Alliance Media in respect of the digital rollout
  Acquisition of the O2 cinema at Greenwich
Jun-11 Launch of new luxury cinema "The Screening Rooms" in Cheltenham
Nov-11 7 screen mutiplex cinema opened in Leigh.
Dec-11 IMAX screen opened at Edinburgh.
Mar-12 IMAX screens opened at Crawley and Sheffield.
Oct-12 7 screen multiplex opened in Aldershot.
  IMAX screens opened at Birmingham and Ipswich.
Nov-12 IMAX screen opened at Enfield.
Dec-12 Acquired Picturehouse chain of cinemas.
  IMAX screens opened at Dublin and Nottingham.
Feb-14 Combination with Cinema City International N.V.
Aug-16 Acquisition of five Empire cinemas, including Empire Leicester Square
Dec-16 Record admission level of 100 million across all cinemas